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9 Surprising Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Are you turning 65 this year? Then it’s time to think about Medicare. Medicare covers most basic health care needs. But you may be surprised about what it doesn’t include.


Family Caregivers Deserve Your Support

The needs of family caregivers deserve focused attention.Especially in April which is National Stress Awareness and National Volunteer month.

An estimated 53 million adults care for an aging family member.


Breaking Bread Together Feeds Body & Soul

The holidays are officially upon us. In some ways, I wish holiday gatherings were year-round events. Because too many elders eat alone. And that puts their health at risk. 


Planning Increases Odds of Living Life on Your Own Terms as You Age

Unfortunately, we don’t like thinking about death, illness, and possible loss of independence as we age. So, we procrastinate on planning.

October is National Long-Term Care Planning month. Use this time as a yearly opportunity to make or review your plan. 


Make last-days as peaceful as possible

We want our elderly loved one’s last days to be peaceful. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always work out that way. But knowing a few things ahead will help.

One of the hardest things for family caregivers is recognizing that our loved one has entered their last-days phase. We get stuck in a mental cycle of medically “fixing and getting better” vs focusing on strategies for dying. Most importantly, we don’t sign up for Hospice soon enough.                                       Read more...

How to Flourish in Your Retirement

You deserve the utmost health and happiness in your retirement! You've worked hard. Now is your time to flourish – spirit, soul, and body. Yet as we age, it seems the “golden years” bring more challenges than seems fair. Despite that, our older years offer unique opportunities.                                              Read more...

What is the influence of a good dad worth?

One of my favorite quotes about dads is:

“Theoretically, any man can be a father – It takes work and commitment to be a ‘dad’!”


Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day is a time to remember legacies, sacrifices, and contributions.

As you remember others’ lives, it’s a good time to look backward on your own. How do you want others to think of you one day? 


Some Heroes Wore Aprons

My dad was an inveterate storyteller with a tendency toward embellishment. His motto was, “If you want to be the hero of the story, you have to tell it yourself.”

Regardless of who’s telling the story, the important thing is that stories get told – especially family stories. Our younger generations need them.


How to Safely Stay Put While Waiting to Move to Assisted Living

Families are caught in a bind. Mom needs assisted living now but the timing’s wrong. Either the communities aren’t admitting new residents, or their referral agent recommends waiting. The problem revolves around staffing and caregiver shortages in the metro area.


How to Quickly Boost Your Happiness

Did you know one of the easiest ways to get a rush of happy is by giving someone a compliment? Compliments are the original 2 for 1 deal.

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Hugs, Smiles, & Technology

As the end of 2021 draws near, it’s time to reflect upon what I’ve learned this year.  Two things stand out in sharp contrast – the importance of human contact and the significance of technology. Seemingly polar opposites now act as two sides to the same coin.

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3 Steps for Resolving Issues in

Assisted Living

You settle your parent in their new assisted living and think to yourself, Things are going to be great! And then it's not. There. Are. Issues. Find out what to do to resolve any concerns you have.

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Speaking of Thankful...


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