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Health Aug 08, 2022
How to Flourish in Your Retirement
by Sande George

How to Flourish in Your Retirement

You deserve the utmost health and happiness in your retirement! For decades you worked hard. Now is your time to flourish – spirit, soul, and body.

Yet as we age, it seems the “golden years” bring more challenges than seems fair. Physical ailments, mental health concerns, loneliness, and a lost sense of purpose to name a few.

Despite that, our older years offer unique opportunities. We have more room in our daily routine to slow down. To focus on quality of life - making each day count.

Now is the time to stay strong and finish well.

Stay Strong in Spirit

A spiritual practice gives seniors a sense of purpose. It can reduce cognitive disorders, and even help slow dementia. Attending church creates opportunities to connect with community and keeps your mind sharp. Frequent socializing with others reduces loneliness, isolation, and depression. Social engagement reduces the risk of other health issues says Eldercare Alliance.

Studies show that prayer, meditation, and reading scripture or devotionals positively impacts general well-being. It lowers blood pressure and cortisol stress hormones. Regular prayer even helps with recovery from illnesses.


Stay Strong in Soul

Now is the time to pursue a passion project. Without career constraints you can finally start on your “back burner” projects.

Some project ideas include:

  • Starting a business. Sell something or offer services to people. Either online or in your local community. Or, volunteer as a mentor for your local Small Business Association.
  • Doing volunteer work. Your local hospital, library, or favorite political candidate always need help. So do elementary school reading program and food banks. The opportunities are endless.
  • Coaching or co-coaching Little League.
  • Pursuing art – learn to paint, draw, build model airplanes, play the guitar…you name it.
  • Write about your life. Join a writing club or start one at your local community center.

The first step begins with decluttering

Before starting any retirement projects, take time to declutter your home. Get your space in order. Stuff accumulates over the years. And clutter can cause stress. Which leads to fatigue, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

A decluttering plan can feel overwhelming. Like any big undertaking, start with one small section at a time

Make space in your home—and your mind—for the things you find meaningful by first decluttering.

Stay Strong in Body

Staying physically strong as we age entails exercising, stretching, sleeping, and good nutrition.

Strength training - Most of us know the importance of regular exercise. Yet, very few seniors incorporate strength training into their regular exercise regimen. Strength training is essential for maintaining your quality of life.

As we age, our bodies experience decreased muscle mass and decreased bone density. Also, stiffer joints, a slower metabolism, and slower reflexes. Strength training improves all these. Resulting in your ability to do more of the things you love - like playing with your grandkids or gardening in the backyard.

Stretching - Another neglected fitness element is flexibility. Daily stretching helps you feel better, more limber, and more youthful. More importantly, improved flexibility helps prevent injury, increases circulation, and improves overall well-being.

Try some Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic mind-body practice for seniors. It offers countless benefits ranging from reduced stress to improved balance and flexibility. A regular yoga practice can reduce your risk of falls, relieve tight muscles, support joint health, protect your spinal health, and improve your posture.

Yoga can improve your respiratory system and reduce high blood pressure. Yoga focuses on looking inwards and listening to your body. The practice can help you become more mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and the world around you.

Sleep heath - As people age, they tend to have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Yet, sleep needs don’t decline with age. In fact, research shows that our sleep needs remain constant throughout adulthood.

Getting enough sleep each night boosts your mood so you feel happier and more optimistic. Sleep enhances productivity and improves memory function. It also helps ward off weight gain. Maintaining proper sleep health helps make your immune system stronger.

Nutrition for the aging body

As mentioned above, our bodies change as we age. Our body produces less stomach acid. This can lead nutrient deficiencies. Older adults generally require fewer calories so every calorie counts. Getting enough protein, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B12 are especially important.

Make sure you’re eating nutrient-rich foods, whole foods, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Make the most of your retirement years

Take control of your health and happiness with a proactive approach. Avoid many of the challenges that come with aging. Make the most of your retirement years by staying strong -body, soul, and spirit.

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