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Opinion Jun 17, 2022
Daddy's Home!
by Sande

Happy Father’s Day!

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Theoretically, any man can be a father –

It takes work and commitment to be a ‘dad’!”

For instance, my own dad had no example of ‘how’ to be a dad.  His father was in and out of his life - only to father him and 3 younger siblings over the course of 13 years. But my dad found exceptional men to act as role models. Men who showed him how to be the successful adult he became. And subsequently, earned the loving title of “my dad”.  

And some of the best dads might not even be fathers. These “alternative” dads – steps, adoptive, grandads, uncles – are equally important in developing the next generation. They’re role is integral in passing on strength and values.

Dads parent differently than mothers. Dads often let kids take more risks – but with guardrails up. And they’re more likely to set boundaries and enforce standards of behavior. Children tend to build more confidence and inner strength from dad-parenting.

Yet many men feel unworthy, marginalized, and unneeded. We live in an age that dismisses dads as unnecessary and dispensable. 

If we want a society with functioning responsible adults, we need dads.

This Father’s Day let’s recognize and honor a dad’s important role. And if your dad was a positive influence in your life, count yourself blessed. Say, Thank You! 

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