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Family & Caregivers Apr 29, 2022
Some Heroes Wore Aprons
by Sande George

My dad was an inveterate storyteller with a tendency toward embellishment. His motto was, “If you want to be the hero of the story, you have to tell it yourself.”

Regardless of who’s telling the story, the important thing is that stories get told – especially family stories. Our younger generations need them.

Studies find that the more children know about their family history, the higher their self-esteem. And they’re better able to deal with tough times.

Recent news makes many believe we’re headed towards tough times. And our kids/grandkids will need coping skills. We can help by telling stories of how we, our parents, and our grandparents survived hard times in the past.

How did our grandparents keep life and limb together during the depression? Or how did our mom keep the family together while dad was overseas? How did we cope with long gas lines or rationed gas?

These are the stories that help the next generations know they come from hardy stock. Their ancestors were pioneers with a “can do” spirit.

There is something powerful about knowing these stories.

For example, this last Easter when gathered around the dinner I table told my grandkids a story about my mom. She worked full-time during an era when moms usually stayed home. Yet each morning she always took time to feed us 4 kids a hot breakfast before school. And every holiday she sewed matching dresses and vests for the family (it was a thing back then). And about how she worked hard to keep things “normal” while my dad was in Viet Nam.

As they heard these stories, the children looked at their 91-year-old great-grandmother with new appreciation.

Considering the importance of family stories, think about what tales you can share about your mom on Mother’s Day. Tell how she overcame personal tragedy, hardship, or tough times. Everyone’s had them. Make her the hero of your family’s story.

by Sande George

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